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Tuesday, April 15


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A Comparison of 3 Different Aquaponic Cultures Using Tilapia and Lettuce Lumsden Gym A Flight into the Future of the Aerospace Industry: The Boeing Company Lumsden Gym A Group Model in Diabetes Management Lumsden Gym A Look at Central Mexico and how University Students are Leading the Way to an Accepting Aditude for Gays Lumsden Gym A Review of the effects of Lumbar Traction in Patients with Low Back Pain (LBP) Lumsden Gym A Theory of Acceptance of Primary Care at Home Lumsden Gym Active Tissue Release Lumsden Gym Acute Effectiveness of Static vs. Dynamic Stretching Lumsden Gym An Investigation to Determine Whether Relationships Exist Between Focused Coping Strategies and Emotional Responses Following Major Life Stressors Lumsden Gym Analysis of Totem Poles in Pacific Northwest Culture Lumsden Gym Barriers Affecting MOLST Form Completion Lumsden Gym Barriers and Facilitators to Nurse Practitioners' Provision of Exercise Counseling in the Primary Care Setting Lumsden Gym Beating the Craft Out of Craft Beer Lumsden Gym Benefits of Palliative Care at the End of Life Lumsden Gym Bite-Force Performance in Australian Skinks Lumsden Gym Businesses Increase use of Social Media Lumsden Gym Clean Money Lumsden Gym Cold Compression Lumsden Gym Comparing the Health Issues of Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S Lumsden Gym Demystifying the MOLST Form for Health Care Professionals & Students Lumsden Gym Depression Prevalence in African American Women Lumsden Gym Developmental mechanims of wing color patterning in Hypolimnas misippus, a sexually dimorphic butterfly Lumsden Gym Differences and Similarities among Full, Half, and Step Sibling Relationships Lumsden Gym Different Movement Behaviors of Ocelots Lumsden Gym Disney and the Video-Streaming Market Lumsden Gym Do Adolescent Romantic Relationships Influence College Relationship Satisfaction? Lumsden Gym Does Service Learning Affect Students' Understanding of People of Low-Income? Lumsden Gym Ecomorphology of Felid Pelves Lumsden Gym Effect of a Plyometric Jump Training Program on Knee Valgus Angulation During a Drop Jump in Adolescent Female Recreational Soccer Athletes Lumsden Gym Effect of Famliy Support in Stroke Patient Lumsden Gym Effect Of Intra-Articular Corticosteroid Injections in Osteoarthritic Knee And Hip Joints Lumsden Gym Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Energy (Diathermy) on Wound Healing and Tissue Re-sensitization Lumsden Gym Effect of Speed on Functional Ambulation in Children With and Without Developmental Disabilities as Assessed by the Standardized Walking Obstacle Course Lumsden Gym Effect of Stander Device Use on Muscle Tone in Individuals with Neuromuscular Disorders Lumsden Gym Effect of Whole Body Vibration on Knee Extension ROM Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Compression Therapy on modulating Venous Ulcers of the Lower Extremity Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Cryokinetics in Modulating Pain Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Cryotherapy in Modulating Pain Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Electrical Stimulation on Muscle Strengthening Lumsden Gym Effectiveness of Low-Level Laser Therapy Lumsden Gym Effects of Vibration Therapy on Lower Extremity Flexibility Lumsden Gym Efficacy of 5-HTP in the Treatment of Depression Lumsden Gym Efficacy of Hybridized Learning in DPT Students Lumsden Gym Efficacy of the Graston Technique on the Treatment of Tendinopathies Lumsden Gym Efficacy of Therapeutic Ultrasound for Bone Healing Lumsden Gym El Buen Amigo Experience Lumsden Gym Electrical Stimulation's Influence on Tissue Healing Lumsden Gym Emotional Stimuli and Residual Working Memory Capacity in Non-Clinical Social Anxiety Lumsden Gym Employers and Students: Do they Agree? Lumsden Gym Ethical Communication within the Workplace Lumsden Gym Ethical Competition Between Online and Physical Retail Stores Lumsden Gym Etiology of GERD Lumsden Gym Evaluating Heart Rate as an Indicator of Emotional Content of True and False Memories Lumsden Gym Financial Stress as a Barrier to College Success Lumsden Gym Fluoride and Dental Fluorosis Lumsden Gym General Electric-- Quickly Becoming an Energy Powerhouse Lumsden Gym Generations in the Workplace Lumsden Gym Gluten-Free Diets: Is There a Benefit Among Individuals Without Gluten Intolerance? Lumsden Gym Gluten-Free Market Potential - Rich Products Case Analysis Lumsden Gym Heat Efficacy in Tissue Healing Lumsden Gym Heat on Tissue Extensibility Lumsden Gym How is Cell Phone Communication Related to Perceived Happiness and Security in Romantic Relationships? Lumsden Gym How Parenting Styles and the Environment Impact the Development of a Child with Down Syndrome Lumsden Gym Improving Treatment of Hypovolemic Shock in Pediatric Patients Lumsden Gym Interaction Patterns Between Mother and Baby Western lowland gorilla Lumsden Gym Investigating Whether a Relatedness, Self-Determination, and Academic Achievement are Associated in College Students Lumsden Gym Investigating Whether Moral Disengagement is Inhibited by Negative Affect Lumsden Gym Jewish Refugee Scholars Teaching at Historically Black Colleges and Their Perception of the Civil Rights Movement Lumsden Gym Knowledge About the Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse Among Graduate Students Lumsden Gym Legacies of the 1960s: Assimilation and Migration Lumsden Gym Legacies of the 1960s: Cold War & Civil Rights Lumsden Gym Legacies of the 1960s: Gender Roles Lumsden Gym Legacies of the 1960s: Military Service Lumsden Gym Legacies of the 1960s: Student Activism Lumsden Gym Legacies of the 1960s: Work and Economics Lumsden Gym Measurement of Outcomes for Patients with Centralizing versus Non-Centralizing Neck Pain using Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy Lumsden Gym Mechanical Cervical Traction Lumsden Gym Melatonin vs. Ambien for Treatment of Insomnia Lumsden Gym Neural Mobilization as a Potential Treatment for Contracture Lumsden Gym Neuromobilizations Compared to Grade IV Non-thrust Manipulations of the Cervical Spine on Reduction of Adverse Neural Tension. Lumsden Gym Observed Grooming Behaviors of Captive Dasyprocta Leporina Lumsden Gym Olympic Games 2.0: The Effects of Politics and Ethics on The Olympic Spirit'' Lumsden Gym Parents and Coaches as Predictors of Types of Sport Motivation Lumsden Gym Practice-Based Theoretical Framework Related to Correctly Prescribing Antimicrobial Therapy in Caring for Patients with URI Lumsden Gym Problems with Polymerase Chain Reaction: A Forensic Approach Lumsden Gym Promotion of Health within Personal Relationships Lumsden Gym Protective Factors of Multivitamins Lumsden Gym Public Knowledge of Health Effects of Obesity Lumsden Gym Relationships among Personality, Work Motivation, and Job Performance in a Retail Setting Lumsden Gym Relationships Between Self-Disclosure on Facebook and Narcissistic Personality Traits Lumsden Gym Retaking the Over the Counter Pain Reliever Market: A Marketing Strategy for Tylenol's Resurgence into the Pain Reliever Market Lumsden Gym Semestre en México, D.F. Lumsden Gym Short Wave Diathermy For Tissue Extensibility Lumsden Gym Should College Athletes be Paid? Lumsden Gym Singapore Mathematics Approach: The Impact a Problem Solving Heuristic, the Strip Model, has Upon Students with Learning Disabilities Ability to Solve Story (Word) Problems in an After-School Setting Lumsden Gym Social and Emotional Learning Lumsden Gym Social Interaction Among Vampire Bats Lumsden Gym Spanish Service Learning in the Dominican Republic Lumsden Gym Squirrel Monkey Ethogram Lumsden Gym Stadium Concessions: The New Star Power of Selling Tickets Lumsden Gym Stepping Outside the Classroom Lumsden Gym Student Loans Hindering U.S. Economy Lumsden Gym The Assessment of Balance in Children Developing Typically Lumsden Gym The Benefits of Early Childhood Intervention Lumsden Gym The Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning Lumsden Gym The Effect of Bankruptcy Lumsden Gym The Effect of Depression On College Students Academic Success Lumsden Gym The Effect of Parabens, Synthetic Preservatives on the Induction of Vitellogenin in Poecilla Reticulata Lumsden Gym The Effect of Reduced Ankle Dorsiflexion Range of Motion on Lower Limb Overuse Injuries Lumsden Gym The Effectiveness of Electrical Stimulation for Pain Modulation Lumsden Gym The Effects of a Commercial Patellar Strap on Vertical Jump Performance Lumsden Gym The Effects of Exercise on the Neuromuscular and Musculoskeletal Deficits Associated with Parkinson's Disease Lumsden Gym The Effects of Health on College Success Lumsden Gym The Effects of Stander Device Use on Range of Motion (ROM) in Children with Neuromuscular Disorders Lumsden Gym The Effects of Substance Use on Academic Success Lumsden Gym The Efficacy of a PT-driven Falls Prevention Program for Community Dwelling Patients Lumsden Gym The Efficacy of Short Wave Diathermy in Bone Growth Lumsden Gym The Ethical Nature of Personality Testing by Employers Lumsden Gym The Impact Of Physical Fitness On Gestational Diabetes Lumsden Gym The Impact of Soccer Players of Immigrant Descent on The French National Team Lumsden Gym The Importance and Impact of Business Ethics in the Information Age Lumsden Gym The Mission of Meerkats Lumsden Gym The Physiological Efficacy of Biofeedback Training Lumsden Gym The Predictability of Cervical Spine Patient's Outcomes Using a Cervical Relocation Test Lumsden Gym The Relationship Between Core Endurance and The Functional Movement Screen Lumsden Gym The Relationship Between Core Endurance, Lower Extremity Range of Motion, and the Functional Movement ScreenTM Lumsden Gym The Relationship Between Music Preference and Emotional Reactions to Music Lumsden Gym The Reliability of Laser Doppler for Measuring Skin Perfusion Pressure to Predict Wound Healing: Review of Literature Lumsden Gym The Rise Of Fair Trade Among U.S. Colleges and Universities Lumsden Gym The Rising Impact of Energy Drinks in Society Lumsden Gym The Space-Time' Nursing Theory' Lumsden Gym Theoretical Nursing Model for Practice Based Care - Patient Education Lumsden Gym Theoretical Nursing Model for Practice Based Care in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Lumsden Gym Therapeutic Ultrasound for Tissue Extensibility Lumsden Gym Title: The Effects of Opedix Core-Tec Shorts on Core Stability and Dynamic Balance in Physically Active Populations. Lumsden Gym Transverse Friction Massage Lumsden Gym Treating Bulimia Nervosa: Psychotherapy Vs. Antidepressants Lumsden Gym Unfolding Studies of the Human Estrogen Receptor and Hormone Binding Domain Lumsden Gym Use of Positive Behavioral Support in an Early Childhood Setting Lumsden Gym Water Conservation, the Widely Unrecognized Issue Lumsden Gym Poster Session Lumsden Gym